Brothers & Sisters In Arms 

I know you are hurting, I know you feel alone... it doesn't have to be this way. I can help. Let me..


The Dive - 90 minutes call

During our time together, we are going to discuss what’s happening in your life and what you want to discover and create for your future.  We’ll explore relationships, transitioning from military to civilian life, your experiences while being deployed, and how to unlock the flow of abundance in your life.  We’ll discuss programs that are tailored to your style, learning needs and personal comfort.  This call is a free consultation.



the 3 month all in journey

The three-month program is tailored to your needs, learning style and personal comfort to open yourself up to the things that are overwhelming and holding you back from achieving your goals, your dreams, better relationships, overcoming life traumas and unlocking the possibilities of living a life that you want to live.


The Long haul

This program is about unlocking the stories that you’ve told yourself and these stories have caused you to think small.  Our time together is about letting go of the past, embracing the future and the step by step progress of creating the life you want to live.  When trauma, depression, anxiety, and feelings of not good enough, not worthy and difficulty finding your way into civilian after serving in the military are causing you to set your goals and aspirations low, it’s as though you have given up or tell yourself a story that isn’t true.  This is a time to walk through what is holding you back and let go of all the stories you’ve held inside.  This is a time of healing the past and embracing a future of unlimited possibilities.  I know because I had to do the very same when I transitioned from the military.